CityStreetVomit - Artist Collective

CityStreetVomit is a Queer, Eclectic, Artist Collective located in the Ports and Forests of Washington State. Together we promote individual creativity, and group creativity, to calm the mind, allow a voice of expression for like-minded souls, and to create community. 
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 Dice Marlow - The Creator

A tiny, non-binary Goblin, from Waco, Texas, now residing in the forests of Washington State, has dedicated the last few years to shaping their artistic style, and progressing CityStreetVomit into the collective it is today. 
They, themselves, do Ritual Art and Occult Design, from anything as simple as a framed illustration, a jewelry piece, altar pieces, tattoo work, to bone and skull art. They started out as a self-taught artist, and a jack-of-all-trades, before cultivating themselves into the Ritual Artist they are today. Their art is Pagan inspired, with some political pieces, to help heal trauma from their past and others. 
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Amanda Moon - Contributor

Originally from Los Angeles, California

Now located in the greenery of the evergreen state, tucked away in a bay mostly occupied by sea lions.

Amanda Moon is a cryptid, non-binary cowgoth, and all around creator, expressing emotions and intentions by whichever medium necessary. Whether it be a full color watercolor illustration, hand-sewn dolls, logo or merchandise design, jewelry making, photography... you name it. 

Their art is a way of self discovery, how they fit in this world, and what they can do to comfort others through what they're able to create with their hands.

Instagram: moonstomonsters_

Facebook: Moons to Monsters

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