Interested in commissioning me for a Custom Skull? Please read over this section before sending me an e-mail to inquire. 

Ordering a custom skull from me can be a little complex, and daunting, to explain in one drawn out message. So to make it a little easier, I've written out a sort of Q&A specifically on the aspect of commissioning me for skull work. I advise anyone who's looking to commission me, to read through here BEFORE asking to commission me, as this will answer the basics that I'm frequently asked. 

How much for a skull? 

This is a tough one to directly answer. There are SO, SO many playing factors that can determine the cost of custom skull, much like going to a tattoo shop and asking the cost of a sleeve, there's no exact answer until a design is in mind, a skull is picked, and a deposit is placed. The most I can do is loosely give ball park ranges. So let's break down the playing factors in cost. 

Deposit: This is a non-refundable place holder, and tells me you're committed to the time and dedication that you're asking from me, and goes towards the total cost of the piece. 

For smaller, common skulls (don't worry, there's a list on those further down), a base of $60 is asked for a deposit. The more uncommon, and larger, the skull, the more I might ask you to put down as a deposit. But it will never exceed $100. 

Why am I asking for a deposit? Because once we discuss design, pick out a skull, and I begin working on a piece, it's not like I can just erase the design if you decide you no longer want me to do this commission for you. If I complete a piece, but suddenly you no longer wish to pay for the skull, this also pays for the supplies and original skull, that someone may or may not want, the deposit covers the skull and supplies used. 

Design: A lot of the design requests I receive, are just theme options, no exact direction, which is entirely ok! But the intensity of the design plays a huge part in the cost, and is where a lot of cost confusion comes in. The more surface space covered, the more time it's going to take, and the more it's going to cost. Design intensity tells me how many hours I'm putting into this piece, and similar to a tattoo artist, that time is calculated into cost. 

Skull: Before even asking me for a custom skull, you need to take the time and look through your states laws on what animals you can legally obtain. This is a good starting point to do so. Just as I only work on Washington State legal animals, until I acquire a permit allowing me otherwise, you need to be prepared to know if an animal is legal for you to have or not. Any legal fees regarding that matter will not be handled by me. I will always double check a legality for a commission, but you need to know those legalities, as well. 

This is where I wish I could tell people I don't just magically have every type of skull there is. The skulls I have are limited in quantity, legal to have within the state of Washington, and are usually sourced from roadkill, taxidermy trade, hunters, farmers, and local butchers. Even with that being said I do have to outsource skulls for custom pieces, frequently. If I already have a skull in my possession, that cost is covered by the deposit - entirely. If I have to outsource a skull for you, that cost comes from you, and may not be completely covered by the deposit, which is why I strongly suggest researching, and picking your own skull to send to me if I don't have what you're looking for. That way you have complete control of that skulls cost, and it's quality. If you're uncomfortable sourcing a skull, or would like me to chose, I can, and most definitely will, while remaining cost conscious, and will run several options by you before making a final decision. It's your skull in the end, I want you to feel apart of the whole process. 

That's a bit much, I know, but those are all huge playing factors in cost. I can always give ball park quotes, but understand that those quotes are likely to change as the commission unfolds. But these prices cover skull cost - or time processing the skull, supply cost, time cost, and shipping. Inquiring is always free. 

Do you ship internationally? 

After pondering it for a good amount, I'm going to remain US only for a while. Because laws and regulations on animal remains vary state from state, and country from country, it's easiest to remain US only until I can afford a permit to legally export to other countries. So I apologize to my works admirers that reside in other countries. 

Do you do payment plans? 

Yes and no. For the most part, I ask that payment be made in full before shipping of the skull. If you're afraid you won't be able to pay in full by the time I complete the design, just talk to me, and we can discuss something that will workout for you, but I will not send out a completed skull before receiving full payment. 

I have made an exception to this on the occasion of personally knowing the buyer, but will not make the exception for someone I do not personally know.

Are custom skulls refundable? 

No. Custom skulls are not refundable. Multiple updates, pre-design, mid-design, and finished design are sent to the customer to ensure they're satisfied with the finished product, because of that the skull is not refundable. No design change goes unannounced, nor is the design. The design is sketched out and ran by the customer before being transferred to the skull. The customer is given measurements, and quality photo updates of the skulls pre-design, to ensure the base skull is up to par with what they're looking for. 

HOWEVER - if a skull is damaged during shipping, a refund will be made. For this purpose, I suggest adding insurance to shipping if affordable. 

What's a more common skull? 

More common skulls consist primarily of raccoon and coyotes. Both are small/medium sized skulls and are covered by the $60 deposit. Other animals that could potentially be covered by that deposit price are some domestic cats, rabbits, bobcats, some fox, opossum, and beavers. There are definitely others that could fall under this list, as well, but would fall under a larger deposit, as they're larger skulls. Those can be deer, domestic pig, cow, boar, and bull. 

Please note, that common doesn't mean inexpensive, or always easily found. It's just more likely to be obtained by me, based on the area I live in. They're still fairly expensive, especially the larger the size, or the larger the antler rack. 

I don't see my question?

Well, you've *hopefully* read up until this point, so I think you're ready to send an inquiry! Remember, inquiries are completely free. You can send an inquiry through the contact section of my website. 

I hope this was helpful.